Cold retention

HOSPITALA system service utensils for keeping cold food and side dishes cool are available in a wide variety of models and designs, ensuring that you will find the ideal system for any set of requirements. Technologically compelling.
As well as being extremely durable, sturdy and compact, HOSPITALA system cooling service utensils have tremendous cooling capability that makes them perfect for the job of keeping food chilled. The system service utensils help to ensure that cold food and side dishes are kept cool for up to 6 hours or longer, and that they can be served at just the right temperature. Smart design solutions such as the stacking protrusions and the functional shape of the stacking rims offer great practical benefits every day when the system service utensils are stacked for drying or pre-service refrigeration.
Sensible designs, attractive colours and convenient usable heights make the items easy for staff to work with and for patients and residents to eat from.

Cooling cloche VARIOFRESH 26 cm (10¼ in.)
Thermoplastic – polypropylene
Cooling cover round
Thermoplastic – polypropylene
Cooling pellet
Thermoplastic – polyethylene
Cooling cover square
Thermoplastic – polypropylene
Cooling base VARIO 26 cm (10¼ in.)
Thermoplastic – polyethylene
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