• For extremely long holding times up to approx. 120 minutes.
  • Active and continuous reheating of the hot dishes straight after portioning.
  • Extreme reheat effect of the portioned dishes by optimum heat output from the preheated, heat-retaining base parts and porcelain plates.
  • Combines perfectly with the double-walled plastic set for soup.
  • Aesthetic presentation of meals thanks to flat construction of the base part.
  • System designed with perfect proportions to fit accurately with all items.
  • The high-quality finish ensures durability and an attractive look.
  • Insulating cover available in different colours.
  • Coloured granulate can be used for uniform through-colouring. This also helps prevent colour fading.
  • A viable alternative to contact, air-blower or induction heating systems.
  • The 18/10 stainless-steel heat-retaining base part is brought up to temperature in the airflow-heated stacker.
  • The insulated, double-walled cover can be easily manipulated thanks to a gripping strip that runs all the way round.
  • Perfect fit for all standard plates up to 26 cm (10¼ in.) in diameter and stew bowls up to 19.4 cm (7¾ in.) in diameter due to different base rings.
  • The heat-retaining base part can be optionally placed inside a single-walled plastic insulating shell.
  • Insulating cover also functions as lid for stew bowl up to maximum 19.4 cm (7¾ in.) diameter, so no extra plastic lid needed.
  • Hygienic cover for salads and desserts by means of a single-walled plastic lid in particularly solid and high execution.
  • All components are dishwasher-safe and can be easily stacked to save space.
  • The deep rim of the insulating cover seats it firmly on the plate and also helps minimise spillage of the contents, even when transport routes are problematic.
  • The insulating cover is high, allowing ample room for food presentation on the plate (including for example dumplings, stuffed peppers or filled rolls).
  • 18/10 stainless steel base, double-walled, homogeneously welded with heating core welded fully to base and additional wax-filling for best heat transfer.
  • Thermoplastic cover, double-walled insulation, homogeneously welded, with reinforced foam core.
  • Outside surface matt with fine, dishwasher-friendly structuring.
  • Flat execution of base part.
Practical system expansion:
  • Use cooling covers for keeping cold dishes perfectly chilled.
Cooling cover round
Thermoplastic – polypropylene
Card holder for patients’ cards with 2 bendings
Stainless steel 18/10
Card holder for patients’ cards
Stainless steel 18/10
Card holder for patients’ cards magnetic
Chrome steel 18/0
Cotton gloves
100 % Cotton
Cotton gloves
100 % Cotton
Cooling cover square
Thermoplastic – polypropylene
Base shell
Thermoplastic – polypropylene
Insulating cover VARIO 26 cm (10¼ in.)
Thermoplastic – polypropylene
Insulating cover for soup bowl
Thermoplastic – polypropylene
Insulating cover for Soup bowl
Thermoplastic – polypropylene
Insulating base part for Soup bowl 0.5 l (17.6 fl.oz.)
Thermoplastic – polypropylene
Insulating base part for soup bowl 0.43 l (15.1 fl.oz.)
Thermoplastic – polypropylene
Cover for bowl 12 x 12 cm (4¾ x 4¾ in.)
Cover for bowl 10 x 13 cm (4 x 5 in.)
Cover for plate 9 x 24 cm (3½ x 9½ in.)
Cover for plate 12 x 18 cm (4¾ x 7 in.)
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